How can we help your child?

Our program focuses on treating each child as an individual.  We do not use a cookbook approach to treatment development.  The goal is to determine the treatment method that is most appropriate for each child.  To ensure that treatment gains are generalized and long-lasting all treatment is initiated in the child's natural environment (e.g., home, school).  We provide training and supervision for a team of therapists working with your child. Below is an outline of our services.

Initial Evaluation
An evaluation will be conducted before treatment is initiated.  The evaluation will be conducted in the your home environment during a regularly scheduled meal.  Prior to the evaluation, your child's medical records should be sent to our office for review.  The actual evaluation is 2-3 hours in length.  During the evaluation we will obtain a medical/feeding history and observe your interactions with your child during mealtime.  We will assess your child's skill level as it relates to his/her feeding problem.  Specific recommendations will be provided to you in order to get your child ready for treatment.  In some cases this process allows us to determine whether our services are appropriate for your child. 

Intensive Treatment
Our team will travel to your home to provide intensive treatment.  Initial treatment consists of consecutive ALL (e.g., 10-12 hours) day treatment sessions.  During the onset of treatment a trained therapist will work with your child to develop an appropriate treatment plan.  Once a successful treatment plan is established all caregivers are trained to implement that plan with high integrity.  In addition, other individuals working with the child are also trained to implement the treatment plan.  Thereafter, follow-up treatment visits are scheduled on a monthly basis to continue to advance your child's feeding skills.  In the course of the month, you will also be in contact with our team if any problem arise before the next schedule visit.  The goal of our treatment program is to develop individual treatment plans so your child can eventually be an age-typcial/developmentally-typical eater.  We will provide you with support throughout your child's admission in our program.